Presstek DPM 2508

 Error         Possible Cause                              Recommended Action  
 6012    Media jam in drum or guide box    Clear all media from the drum and guide box area
 6013 or
   There is no media in the drum.
   Insert an input cassette with media. Click the
 menu button on the error handler window to access
 the media database screen. Select the media you
 are loading. Click Load. The job automatically
 6015    Take-up Cassette full or contains
 cut media.
   Remove the Take-up Cassette for offline processing
 and replace it with an empty cassette. The job
 automatically starts.
 6016    No Take-up Cassette in the
 machine. Negative film is loaded
 pending job take-up.
   Insert a Take-up Cassette or click Cancel on the
 error handler message window.
 6017    Machine covers open; interlocks
   Close the machine covers. Respond to the prompt
 to eject the fogged media from the drum. The jobs
 automatically start
 6018    Processor doors open.    Close the processor doors. The jobs automatically
 6019    Activator Level low.    Wait for the DPM busy indicator to change to
 ready. Replenish activator chemistry. The job
 automatically starts.
 6019    Stabilizer Level low.    Wait for the DPM busy indicator to change to
 ready. Replenish stabilizer chemistry. The job
 automatically starts.
 6020    An internal engine error occurred.    Correct the problem based on the error text
 displayed in the error window. Turn off the DPM and
 turn it back on. Re-enable the RIP output queue.
 6024    Processor temperature is low.    Wait for the processor to warm up, and the job
 automatically starts.
 6026    No guide box in the machine.
 Plate media is loaded pending
 job for processor.
   Install a guide box. The job automatically starts.
 Or cancel the job.
 6027    Media load operation failed.    Retry the load operation. The drum may need to be
 cleared if the load failed because of a jam.
 6028    Media jam in processor.    Clear all media from the processor area.