Epson Stylus Pro 4400

Maintenance Codes
Error Code:   Description:
 0002    The number of CR movement cycles has reached predetermined value
 0008    RTC backup battery shut off / uninstalled
 0040    Pump counter has reached predetermined amount
 0080    Date is not set
 0088    RTC backup battery is not installed
 0100    RTC backup battery pressure is temporally low
 0200    The number of ASF paper feeding has reached predetermined value

 Service Call Errors
 Error Code:      Description:
 00000101      The CR motor life 
 00001A40  Communication error between the main board and sub board
 00010000      PF motor encoder check error 
 00010001      PF motor out of step 
 00010002      PF Motor over current
 00010003      PF Motor in-position time-out
 00010004      CR Motor Encoder check error
 00010005      CR motor out of step 
 00010006  CR Motor over current
 00010007      CR Motor in-position time-out
 00010008      Servo interrupt watchdog time-out
 00010009      System interrupt watchdog time-out
 0001000A      CR axis detection error 
 0001000C      PG axis detection error
 0001000F  CR Motor PWM output faulty
 00010010  PF Motor PWM output faulty
 00010012  CR overload (high sensitivity) error
 00010013      PR overload (high sensitivity) error
 0001001B      Head driver (TG) temperature error 
 0001001D      CR servo parameter error 
 0001001E      PF servo parameter error 
 00010020      CSIC reading / writing error 
 00010020  Ink type error (setting on printer body side)
 00010022  Ink type error (setting on printer body side)
 00010023    RTC analysis error
 00010025  CSIC ROM communication error
 00010026    RTC communication error
 00010028    Head error
 00010029  Unidentified NMI
 0001002A    CR ASIC ECU error
 0001002B  PF ASIC ECU error
 0001002D    The Cleaning Unit reached its end of life
 0001002F  360 DPI writing time out error
 00010030  Multi Sensor failure
 00010031  ASF phase detection error
 00010032  ASF drive switch error
 00010033  Eject phase detection error
 00010034  Eject movement error
 00010035    Pump phase detection error
 00010036    Type-B board installation error
 00010037    Head thermistor error
 00010038    Transistor thermistor error
 00010039  PG adjustment value incorrect overwrite error
 0001003A  PG adjustment value outside range error
 0001003B  Cutter installation error 1
 0001003C  Cutter installation error 2
 0001003D    Cutter installation error 3
 00020000    NVRAM error
 00020002    SDRAM error
 00020003    BOOT program SUM error
 00020009  Flash memory SUM error
 0002000A    Program load error
 0002000B    The internal memory is insufficient
 0003xxxx  Debug error code
 0Dxxxxxx    Debug error code
 0Exxxxxx    RTC timer off error
 100000E0    CPU address error (load misalignment)
 10000100    CPU address error (storage misalignment)
 10000180    CPU reserve command code exception error
 100001A0    CPU slot illegal command exception error
 100001C0    AC disruption
 100005C0    CPU DMA address error
 10000xxx    CPU error